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Defusing Angry
Perceptions & Assistance
Phone First Impressions
with a smile
Customer is not always right but they are still the customer
Customer Perceptions Matter more than intent
Words Matter & Perceptions Matter
Perceptions of
Assistance & why
your here
Phone Smile Determens
Customers Perception
Phone Impressions &
Customer Perceptions
Handling Angry
Tone with a Smile enhances Customer Perceptions  & Help Diffuse Problems
The ABC’s:
A) Employment is to be very dependable & maximally productive not just to complete your task but to maximize & increase
company’s income (make the company money) within ALL company policies, procedures & guidelines.
B) Let's have fun doing it.
C) When B comes in conflict with A, go back to A or you’re not needed.
Statements like: It’s not my job or I don’t get paid to do that, is in direct conflict with
A then refer to C.
A must have an income focused company first balance with the customers perception & appearance of customer service
without necessarily giving the customer every single thing they want you must remember the customer is the customer, showing
fully respectful of that with an sincere, helpful smile & tone.